Tree Plantation For Daughters – An Asset As Gift From Shatan Ashram

In the month of September, Shatan Ashram had organized a Teak wood tree plantation and sapling distribution to 100 families. These saplings would later become an asset to these families for their daughters in the future part of life.

Shatan Ashram organised Plantation & Plant distribution program in ashram. The honorable welfare, Social welfare, Child & Ladies development Minister of Jharkhand Dr.(Prof). Smt. Louis Marandi, Chairman, Dumka Nagar Parishad Smt. Amita Rakshit, Ex Head of the Dippt. Bengali literature, SKM University Dr(Prof).Smt. Chaya Guha, Swami Vidyananda, Smt. Bani Ghosh, were present in this occassion.

115 Teak wood plant we have distributed to the 100 small Girl Kids in the nearby area of Dumka locality.

plantation1 plantation2 plantation3 plantation5 plantation6