Blanket Distribution from Shatan Ashram in Dec 2021

Today, on 9/12/21, Satan Ashram under its ‘Durga’ project has started distribution of sheets and blankets to disabled mothers. Through this scheme, in this winter season, disabled mothers will be given cold clothes and blankets in the remote villages of Dumka district to promise them from the cold.

Inaugurating this project, Swami Atmananda, Managing Trustee of Satan Ashram, told that for the last 16 years, a project has been going on, in which every year hundreds of Dhdhakia villages and neighboring villages were getting the benefit and only one person was doing this service. was taking advantage.

Therefore, from this year onwards, efforts will be made to give cold clothes and blankets to needy disabled mothers by visiting more and more villages of all the blocks of Dumka district, to promise them from cold during this winter. For this work, the village head and headman of remote villages will be taken every week. Under this program, today 25 mothers of Beherabanak villages of Beherabanak Panchayat and Bansjoda villages of Rampur Panchayat under Dumka Sadar block were provided cold clothes. In this program, the ex-manager of the bank, Mr. Partha Sarathi Mandal, secretary of Rajalakshmi Foundation, Pawan Kumar, Gulsan Kumar, the proficient citizens of Beherabanak villages, Mr. Jagdish Mahat, Alok Prabhakar, Bhabesh Bhaskar and Bansjoda village head Mr. Sarat, who had come from Kolkata with Swamiji. Mandal and other villagers were present.