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GuruPurnima and Gurupujan in July 2020

GuruPurnima was celebrated in Shatan Ashram with devotion and worship offered to Sri Sri Jagadish Baba and Ma Satyabati Devi. With the puja the new RGS Gurukulam building was also inaugurated. Below are some pictures and videos from the event Puja GuruPuja RGS Building Work

Shatan Ashram’s RGS Gurukulam Recognized as COVID-19 Warrior For The Huge Humanitarian Work

Throughout the period of lockdown, Shatan Ashram took a mammoth endeavour to feed the needy. What started small, ended with almost 500 people per day.  With the blessings of our Guru Jagadish Baba, and support from ashram’s many volunteers and kind hearts, the impossible was made possible. People from different remotest cornors of Dumka, had […]