Deepotsav observed at Shatan Ashram On Ocassion Ram Mandir Bhoomipujan

In our RGS Gurukulam blog, we already informed you that Shatan Ashram had already sent ‘mitti’ for Ram Mandir establishment in Ayodhya. On the historic day of 5th August, when India observed the BhoomiPujan for RamMandir in Ayodhya, which was done in presence of Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself along with other famous dignitaries.

After a huge battle of 135 years, the historic decision for Ram Mandir nirman was passed by Supreme Court on 9 November 2019. Since then, a huge wave of joy and appreciation showered across the whole of India. 5th of August, 2020 marked the day for the ‘bhoomipujan’ of Ram Mandir. It basically marks the beginning of the foundation for a historic temple that is going to come into existence within the next 2 years.

RGS Gurukulam students celebrated this day within the school premises by lighting up diyas and speaking various verses from Ramayana.