Sergey, inducted into Shatan Ashram as Swami Atmananda disciple

Today, on 28/09/2019, on the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya of Goddess Durga, with havana worship, the brahmacharya of Sergey from Finland was performed in Shatan Ashram.

Mr. Sergey Chechuga, a journalist by profession, an ancient historian of Russian culture, and the member of the poet’s organization, met Swami Atmananda Ji of Shatan Ashram in Finland, two months ago and on the occasion of Four Winds camp.

After meeting Swamiji he thought of coming to Ashram as a tourist, and then decided to take bramhacharya from Swami Ji.

Today, according to his baidika custom, he took the bramhacharya initiation from Swamiji and will hence be known as Shri Sadananda Bramhachari Chechuga. The ritual will last for three days and after three days, he will be doing the bhiksana of his bramhcharya in the village.

Today at 8 am From 4 TO 4, the ceremony was organized. Swamini Anuradha Puri was also present in this occasion.

This event was also covered by local newspaper in Dumka!