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Swami Atmananda Puri honored as Socio – Spiritual worker by Dr. Louis Marandi, Welfare minister of Govt. of Jharkhand


Its a matter of pride today, when Swami Atmananda Puri’s selfless service for the people of Dumka has been recognized.

Prabhat Khabar, the leading newspaper of Dumka has honoured Swami Atmananda Puri with the ‘Socio Spiritual Worker’ awarded. This award is one amongst a group of awards which are awarded to the chosen few who have brought pride and honour to the state of Dumka.

Award to Swami Atmananda Puri, for Socio Spiritual Welfare work done by him for the people of Dumka. Awarded by Dr Lous Marandi, Minister of Social Welfare and Development, Jharkhand.

Swamiji was awarded this great award by Dr. Louis Marandi, Welfare minister of Govt. of Jharkhand.

Swamiji accepting the award
Prabhat Khabar awards to the people who have brought pride to the people of Dumka

Quoting the words of Swamiji here:

Today, I dedicate this award to my guruji Shri Shri Jagadish Baba, which was awarded to me by the leading daily news newspaper ‘Prabhat Khabar‘, by the minister of social welfare and development, Dr. Luis Marandi, Govt of Jharkhand. I bow down and pass on my gratitude to all the people of Dumka, and I also thank the hindi daily newspaper Prabhat Khabar for choosing us to be worthy of this honour.

All of us here at Shatan Ashram and RGS Gurukulam are immensely happy and grateful to the Government of Dumka who have realized the selfless service that Swamiji have been doing for the welfare and upliftment of the people of Dumka.

Sergey, inducted into Shatan Ashram as Swami Atmananda disciple


Today, on 28/09/2019, on the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya of Goddess Durga, with havana worship, the brahmacharya of Sergey from Finland was performed in Shatan Ashram.

Mr. Sergey, a journalist by profession, an ancient historian of Russian culture, and the member of the poet’s organization, met Swami Atmananda Ji of Shatan Ashram in Finland, two months ago and on the occasion of Four Winds camp.

After meeting Swamiji he thought of coming to Ashram as a tourist, and then decided to take bhramacharya from Swami Ji.

Today, according to his baidika custom, he took the bhramacharya initiation from Swamiji and will hence be known as Shri Sadananda Bhramacharya Sergey. The ritual will last for three days and after three days, he will be doing the bhiksana of his bhramhcharya in the village.

Today at 8 am From 4 TO 4, the ceremony was organized. Swamini Anuradha Puri was also present in this occasion.

This event was also covered by local newspaper in Dumka!

Blanket Distribution on Ashram’s 50th Foundation Day – 6th Dec 2018


Dadu6th Dec 2018 – Today is the day when our Guru Jagadish Baba saw the dream of an ashram, and his love for the people in adjoining areas has since been growing.

Its been long since he left his earthly body – but with his blessings, the good work still continues.

Thanks to all the friends, relatives, followers , well-wishers of Shatan Ashram who extended their helping hand for this noble cause. It is because of them, that this year we were able to donate 400 blankets to the needy people in Dumka. 


The pictures below are a live memoir of our gratitude from Shatan Ashram, as well as from all the people who will get warmth in the upcoming winters.



Four Winds Asia to be held at Shatan Ashram from 4th – 7th December 2018


The preparations have begun in full swing at our own Shatan Ashram, Dumka. 

We cordially invite all friends and well wishers to come and get this unique experience here in India. Please find all details below.

fourwinds_1 fourwinds_2

We are highly thankful to the following people who have extended their hands to the success of the program:

  • Manoj Kumar Ghosh
  • Suraksha Patho Lab for being a part of the camp with their ECG and pathological equipment
  • Dumka Chamber of Commerce promised to arrange free blood test 


Swamiji In Four Winds Camp 2018, in Finland


Four winds camp was organized in Finland this year. Swamiji was invited to this camp and was also awarded a medallion by Charles H Lawrence. This is a very special honor and a proud moment for Shatan Ashram.













swamijiintvSwamiji did havaan and gave his blessings to the many people who came to witness this event, i.e the member of Four Winds Asia.

Swamiji also carried holy Ganges water and devoted the same to Finland. It was a very special moment, because Swamiji carried Indian spirituality to Finland, where people have welcomed him with open hearts. 

Swamiji was also gifted with a Trishul made in Finland. He did all the ceremonies and inaugurated the grand event himself.

guruji manishda5

Swamiji’s event was featured in a local newspaper in India and he was also interviewed in a Finnish Broadcasting television. 



Below are some brilliant photographs from the 3-day event that happened. Please watch the slideshow patiently.




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